Welcoming Wellness Counseling provides individual, group, couples, and family counseling. Whether you are working through symptoms of a mental health diagnosis, substance use issues, relationship or family conflicts, or feeling out of place in the hectic world we live in, Kyle is here to help. Kyle provides services that are individualized for each client and that will help you reach your personal goals.

Kyle treats a diverse population of clients and is familiar and well-versed in working with clients struggling through a variety of problems. Some of Kyle’s specialties include, but are not limited to:

  • Self Empowerment and Worth
  • Emotional and Mental Health Wellness
  • Substance Use and Addiction Recovery
  • Healthy Couples and Familial Relationships
  • Managing life with other system involvement (may be judicial, social services, or schools)
  • Healing harmful patterns and behaviors
  • Personal Accountability and Awareness

Cost of Services

Individual Session: $125
Couples Session: $155
Package: 4 Individual Sessions $400

Welcoming Wellness Counseling accepts cash, and check; as well as, all major credit cards through PayPal

If you would like to make a payment via PayPal, please use the button below to pay for your desired service.

*Packages can be tailored to your own needs and Kyle is willing to discuss these options with you.

Please contact Kyle directly for more information on pricing.


About WWC

Welcoming Wellness Counseling was created in order to provide counseling services to adults in a respectful and confidential way.

What to Expect

Initiating therapy and opening up to a stranger can be uncomfortable and sometimes stressful. Feel free to visit this page to find out what you can expect from Welcoming Wellness Counseling.


WWC offers a variety of services to individuals, families, couples and groups. The goal of counseling is to help each client become their desired self.