How long does therapy last?

Because therapy is individualized and tailored to each clients needs, it is not possible to state how long it will last. In some cases, therapy may be brief and in other cases it can take many years. Kyle will work with each client to set realistic goals and timeframes of meeting those goals, however, it is important to remember that as you grow and change throughout this process, your goals and timeframes may change as well. The eventual goal of therapy, is to end therapy. Kyle hopes that all clients will be able to work through issues ongoing using the skills and tools learned during their sessions without the ongoing need for therapy.

About WWC

Welcoming Wellness Counseling was created in order to provide counseling services to adults in a respectful and confidential way.

What to Expect

Initiating therapy and opening up to a stranger can be uncomfortable and sometimes stressful. Feel free to visit this page to find out what you can expect from Welcoming Wellness Counseling.


WWC offers a variety of services to individuals, families, couples and groups. The goal of counseling is to help each client become their desired self.