When should someone seek therapy?

Choosing to begin therapy is an individual choice for everyone. There are many reasons why someone may want to begin therapy including; depression, anxiety, or substance use. Others may be seeking therapy because they are going through a major life transition or are working to pursue their own personal growth. Kyle will work with any client who is interested in making changes in their life in order to reach their personal goals.

If you are not sure if therapy is the right choice for you, please feel free to call and schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

About WWC

Welcoming Wellness Counseling was created in order to provide counseling services to adults in a respectful and confidential way.

What to Expect

Initiating therapy and opening up to a stranger can be uncomfortable and sometimes stressful. Feel free to visit this page to find out what you can expect from Welcoming Wellness Counseling.


WWC offers a variety of services to individuals, families, couples and groups. The goal of counseling is to help each client become their desired self.